Junior Years

The junior year is one of those middle years lost between the fear and excitement of the first year of high school and the joy and bravado of the senior year of high school. In the hierarchy of importance, however, the junior year deserves a high ranking because of its pivotal nature.

Students of 11-15 years age group are emerging as junior youth and curious young adolescents.

They need plenty of academic stimulation and intellectually challenge material. The foundation of solid learning laid here sets the stage of academic success in the senior years.

We set high and feasible learning goals, and support underdeveloped students so that children learn with understanding.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers, who are regularly given in service training and continuous professional development, assure use of the best pedagogical techniques.

Goals – 4 Es

  1. Expression
  2. Exchanges
  3. Exposure
  4. Event

Hobby Club:

  • Education
  • Dance
  • Sports
  • Music Classes
  • Learning form nature
  • Quiz and bal sabha
  • Guest lectures
  • Field trips
  • Library days & facility
  • Day’s celebration
  • Drawing/ Painting
  • On & off stage events and presentations
Evolution Of Junior Year:

We follow CBSE pattern And systematic exams are not conducted. Evolution is based on their regularity, Participation, and their orel skills. And CBSE based examination pattern and students go through- SA1/SA2, FA1/FA2 and practical exams.