Your child’s journey begins for bright future

SGPS welcome students to and enriching and joyful learning experience. The admission process completely transparent and has been designed to ensure a suitable fit between what the parents and the children expect from school and what the school in turn can after them.

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Admission Process

Preprimary – Parents applying for nursery KG1 & KG2 will be required to fill out an application form. There will be no formal tests or interview conducted on the child instead, The child will be observed in a group setting to assess his/her ability to interact in a school environment.

Grade 1 onwards: A simple, yet comprehensive three stage admission process will be used.

  1. Initial screening on the basis of an application form.
  2. Aptitude test to determine the child’s proficiency across different subject areas.
  3. Interaction with child and parents to assess the child’s ability and eagerness to gain from the SGPS experiences.

Successful applications will be required to carry out certain other formalities to complete the how to write a dissertation abstract admission process.

Note- Curriculum fee chart & proposed time line will provide at the time of admission parents/guardians can obtain the application form in the following ways.

  • Collect from the school campus after paying Rs 200/-.
  • Download from school website and at the time of submission pay Rs 200/- at school campus.